Are you spending more time on IT than the CTO?

No need to panic!


There are still many among us who still have to tackle IT and bridge a huge gap. As you start to embrace the power of social media, e-commerce and online buying you are forced to address this issue once and for all.

With DG7, you don’t have to juggle between marketing, IT and business department. Our web technology specialist understand the core integration issues plaguing the effecting utilization of marketing, IT and Business resources.


We have removed technology from technology

We help achieve this vision by integrating different web technology and mobile mediums under one single platform. Be it hosting, creation and distribution of content, customer relationship management, web analytics or any web technology infrastructure, we bring you one shop solution so that you can focus your attention and budget in ensuring your consumers have a memorable brand experience. With us you can bring in true convergence of marketing, business and IT and be certain to reclaim your status within the c-suite.