Content Communications

Are you still engaged in creating random content?


Too many organizations still indulge in content development without paying any heed to their target audiences’ needs. While most lack an efficient content marketing strategy, others do not have a system to measure content consumption.

Tell stories with a strong emotional impact.

At DG7, we strive to understand your target audiences’ needs so as to produce content that takes them a step further towards fulfilling their goals. We create content that your audiences love to read, engage and share. This, we believe, is the core of content marketing on the web. The key to success in content development is building a loyal base of readers who are keen to consume and distribute you content.

Creating stories with a strong emotional impact and mapping it to the right persona facilitates greater content consumption. Measuring what is consumed and what is discarded further allow us to precisely customize messages to individual audiences.

By acknowledging the value of content in the buyer’s journey, we help them navigate and lead through each step of the buying process while gaining a trail of subscribers to your website.